8 Best Desserts for a Wedding (Besides Cake)

Saying “I Do” is one of the most memorable occasions in a couple’s life. Wedding receptions also leave an impression on the guests in attendance. The special day involves a lot of planning to make sure everyone has the best experience. One detail on every wedding checklist is choosing the perfect cake. Finding a flavor every guest will love is the true challenge — that’s why so many wedding planners now turn to dessert bars featuring a wide array of sweets that are sure to please everyone on the guest list. 

Wedding cakes are still a tradition, but there are a million and one ways to celebrate these days. Giving your guests different dessert options will indulge and satisfy their sweet tooth. No one at the reception will be disappointed with the cake and complain about it years later. Although you may love red velvet, not everyone else does.

You can create a custom experience by combining desserts at your wedding. Some couples still want the traditional cutting of the cake ceremony. You can have your cake and eat it too by offering other thoughtful treats for your guests in lieu of, or alongside, a traditional cake.

Here are some of the best desserts for weddings that aren’t traditional three-tiered cakes.

8. Cakeballs

Cakeballs offer bite-size deliciousness with a decadent chocolate coating. The cake is mixed with smooth vanilla buttercream to indulge guests. Chocolate drizzle and sprinkles top the enrobed cakeballs, making them delightful wedding desserts. 

You’re probably familiar with cakeballs or pops since Starbucks brought them to the main stage. The size makes this dessert easy to eat, and they can be decorated to complement any wedding color. Cakeballs also make great favors for your guests as a to-go treat.

7. Candy Bar

Delight your guests with a fun self-serve candy station. Let them curate their own dessert by choosing from their favorite candy. You can match the variety of candies to your wedding color palette and display all the options in a variety of aesthetically-pleasing ways. Choose different hues from your color scheme and mix and match textures and flavors for a uniquely sweet setup. Added bonus: provide to-go containers, bags, or mason jars so your guests can continue the fun even when the night is over.

6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries, a timeless and romantic dessert, are perfect for weddings. The dipped fruit is a healthier option than cake. Pair the strawberries with dark chocolate for guests mindful of their diet. 

If strawberries aren’t your favorite, consider bananas, apples, or other fruits that can also be dipped in chocolate. You can choose the type of chocolate you love and add sprinkles or a drizzle for presentation.

5. Cupcake Buffet

Instead of serving individual cake slices, you can offer an assortment of cupcakes. This wedding dessert caters to everyone’s taste buds with a broad range of choices. The portions are smaller than cake, and guests can eat one or several.

Some dessert bars have an option for attendees to decorate their own cupcakes. A DIY station with frosting and toppings can be set up with the buffet and is sure to delight your guests, no matter their age.

4. Chocolate Mousse Cups

Indulge guests with light and creamy chocolate mousse cups with whipped cream on top. Garnish with fresh berries, mint, cinnamon, or cocoa powder. The mousse can be served in chocolate candied cups or mini bowls.

Chocolate mousse cups offer small portions and are portable. Wedding guests can easily eat this dessert when walking and socializing.

3. Macaron Tower

Macaron towers make beautiful additions to any wedding dessert bar. The French sandwich cookies have a buttercream filling and a delightfully crunchy exterior. Macarons are naturally gluten-free with a meringue base to accommodate more diets.

The tower has a cone shape and uses toothpicks and decorative accents to display the cookies. Visually appealing, macaron towers add a focal point to your dessert presentation. You can customize the design and match your wedding theme to the colorful cookies.

2. Gourmet Donuts

Gourmet donuts are not just for breakfast — they also make delicious wedding desserts! These deep-fried treats can be customized with any flavors and textures you want. Choose from old-fashioned, brioche, or cake styles of gourmet donuts. 

Donut walls are trendy as a dessert option and double as a cool backdrop for photos. You can easily match your wedding colors to these gourmet sweets.

1. Cakebars

Cakebars are soft pieces of scrumptious cake dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate. The tasty treats can have toppings like sprinkles or cookie crumbles. Cakebars come in a variety of flavors on a popsicle stick.

These wedding desserts give guests a convenient and mess-free option. You can choose any flavor you want for the cakebars. 

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