Top 10 Desserts for Birthday Parties

No matter your age, birthday parties are a source of joy for everyone. Friends and family gathering together in celebration always makes for lasting memories. And let’s be honest: sweet treats are the best part of the party (aside from presents). 

Birthday parties have become more creative and convenient, and having unique dessert options makes it all the more special. Traditional cakes and ice cream have been upgraded with innovative baking techniques. Gone are the days of boring sheet cakes. Today, most celebrations have something to satisfy every guest in attendance. 

High-quality desserts are a must for any birthday party, whether for kids or adults. With the right dessert selection, throwing a bash has even become less stressful for the host. You can also give guests to-go containers to enjoy the tasty treats later. You’ll have less to clean once the party winds down, and your guests will love taking home an extra treat or two. Indulging your loved ones with memorable desserts makes that special day even sweeter. 

Here are some of the best desserts for birthday parties.

9. Lemon-Blueberry Scones

Lemon blueberry scones are great for people who don’t want something overly sweet. This light and fluffy dessert can quickly be served to guests of any age. Everyone falls in love with this pastry because of its perfect balance of flavors. 

These birthday desserts also accommodate anyone on a vegan diet. Lemon blueberry scones use coconut milk and oil instead of dairy-based butter. Your guests will love this option at the party — and while they enjoy their leftover scone with their morning coffee or tea.

8. Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a classic, perfectly made cheesecake? An entire slice is sometimes too heavy for some guests. Mini cheesecake cupcakes with a graham cracker crust are delicious and adorable!

Get creative with how you top these birthday desserts' creamy and smooth filling. Layer flavors with salted caramel, blueberry, or strawberry sauce. To add a chocolate touch, sprinkle chocolate ganache on the cupcakes. Finish the mini cheesecakes off with a soft and fluffy whipped cream.

7. Mini Blackberry and Marshmallow Trifles

Give this traditional English layered dessert a fun spin with three flavorful components. The trifle features blackberry, marshmallow, and soft mascarpone. These little treats are big on flavor and an Instagrammer's dream — the elegance and beauty make these blackberry trifles photo-worthy. 

Guests will relive unforgettable family moments and holiday gatherings with just one spoonful. A parfait dessert is one of the best choices for any birthday party. Serve the trifles in mini cups and top the custard with blackberries.

6. Vanilla Panna Cotta

Nothing says “fancy” quite like this perfectly classic Italian dessert. Vanilla panna cotta is creamy, silky smooth, yet very simple to make. You can serve the custard dish to health-conscious guests as a gluten-free option. 

Panna cotta looks like flan but doesn’t use eggs. Garnish this chilled dessert with a berry sauce, fresh fruit, or shaved chocolate.

5. Passion Fruit Mousse

Transport your birthday party guests to a tropical retreat with this refreshing dessert. Passion fruit mousse has a blend of condensed milk and passion fruit. The sweetness and sourness make this gluten-free Brazilian dessert positively delightful. 

The creamy mousse balances flavors perfectly and is a crowd-pleaser at summer parties. Top the mousse with passion fruit juice and serve up a taste of the tropics.

4. Mexican Churros

Next on the map are Mexican churros — a fiesta-worthy delicious dessert. The fried dough is coated in cinnamon sugar and easy to eat. Churros are crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. No one at the birthday party will be able to resist this flavorful (and fun) treat. 

Nothing compares to freshly made churros dipped in a chocolate or caramel sauce. You can choose any glaze to create different flavors. Try an orange, birthday cake, lime and pistachio, or dulce de leche glaze.

3. Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

Appease taste buds that love a tart flavor with mini lemon meringue pies. These desserts have a crispy crust and smooth, creamy filling. The meringue is a light golden brown with darker peaks swirling over tangy lemon. 

The contrasting ingredients deliver a refreshing taste that will satisfy guests. Lemon meringue pie is a classic American dessert, perfect for summer parties. Anyone who loves sweet and savory flavors will love these mini pies.

2. Mini Donuts

Keep everyone at the party smiling when these little cuties make an appearance. Donuts can be enjoyed as a dessert at any hour of the day. The adorable treats are decorated with chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. 

You can easily entertain guests while cutting back on host duty with these baked mini desserts that are self-serve. Birthday parties can never have too many bite-sized donuts. Display them on a peg board for an added instagram-worthy twist, or tier them like a pyramid as the centerpiece of your dessert table!

1. Cakebars

Cakebars deliver more dessert to guests than birthday cake pops. These treats taste divine and come on a popsicle stick. Bonus benefit: the hand-held cakebars are less messy because you don’t need plates.

Instead of a traditional cake, you can offer a delicious assortment of flavors. Ticklebelly creates cakebars designed for any occasion. People of all ages absolutely love these delectable desserts. Ticklebelly uses premium and clean ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced. 

Yummy flavors from Ticklebelly are available to order in 8 or 12 count packages and come in these options:

  • Birthday Cakebar: Get a contemporary piece of a birthday cake topped with colorful rainbow sprinkles. The cake bar has vanilla bean cake coated in creamy and luscious white chocolate.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cakebar: Enjoy a traditional summer treat year-round with our strawberry shortcake bars. Vanilla cake is dipped in white chocolate, and the cake bars have the scent of fresh strawberries, wrapping your senses in nostalgia and bliss.
  • Chocolate Cakebar: Moist chocolate cake infused with premium cocoa and a dark chocolate coating. Hand-crafted crunchy flakes of chocolate adorn these exquisite cake bars.
  • Cookies and Cream Cakebar: A classic American flavor which features cocoa-infused cake dipped in creamy white chocolate. Chocolate cookie crumbles finish off this cookies and cream treat.

Give Ticklebelly’s Desserts a Try

Ticklebelly knows you can’t have a birthday party without some kind of dessert. Giving your guests options keeps everyone happy. We make it easy for you to do so by providing more than one flavor in most of our treats.

Ticklebelly cakebars have extraordinary taste and are a must for any party. Be the host with the most and give our convenient desserts a try. 

Whether you have a big gathering coming up or a party for one, Ticklebelly has your taste buds covered! Our colorful and creative desserts use premium and clean ingredients. Our treats are sure to captivate your cravings and send you on a sweet culinary journey as you indulge with your guests. Ticklebelly’s desserts have something for everyone (including you). 

Ticklebelly cakebars come in packages with four unique flavors. Choose Birthday Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate, or Cookies and Cream. Our pastry chefs take a different approach to baking with our innovative offerings. Get the best desserts that give a traditional cake a contemporary twist. 

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